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International & Domestic Beer – C & H Clubs

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The International & Domestic Variety Beer Club by C & H Clubs is a wonderful option for someone that wants the best of both worlds. With this club every month they’ll receive beer from two US breweries and two international breweries. They still receive twelve bottles a month, but with a lot more variety. If you can’t decide between the domestic or international club, this one is a great option. And as always, each shipment includes tasting notes and information about the breweries.

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International & Domestic Beer – C & H Clubs
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  • erica n

    My husband is always looking for new breweries. It became almost an obsession for him. He was always telling me that this brewery was great for this reason and another brewery was now better for another reason. I’m not into beer as much as him, but at least I knew what gift to buy him for his birthday. It seemed like this mixed club was a good option because he could get the most variety. He seems to like it and I think it was a good gift.

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For Someone Who Likes Everything, Variety Beer Clubs Include Domestic and International Beers

Throughout the world, there are countless people who consider beer as their favorite beverage. While some are satisfied with getting to drink their preferred brews every once in a while from bars or from grocery stores, there are those people whose passion for the drink make them want a regular serving delivered on their doorstep. These people are those who often join beer clubs. A beer club is a program which sends a specific quantity of beer to its members regularly, usually providing a delivery every month. Each beer club is different, often focusing on a specific kind of beer. The kind of beer clubs include rare beer clubs, international beer clubs, microbrew beer clubs, domestic beer clubs and variety beer clubs (domestic and international microbrew clubs).

Choosing which beer club to join all boils down to the kind of beer most enjoyed by a beer drinker. Those who prefer hard-to-find brews would surely sign up with rare beer clubs, while those who are fond of the imported variety would want to be a part of international beer clubs. Meanwhile, fans of the local breweries would not think twice about joining domestic beer clubs. However, if a beer fan wants a more comprehensive beer tasting experience, it is recommended that he or she should join variety beer clubs (domestic and international microbrew clubs).

In the world of beer, the beverage is divided into two general types: domestic brews and international brews. This way of distinguishing between the locally made products and the imported beverages is causing quite a stir, since the distinction is also being used as a determinant of quality. The domestic type suffers from a reputation of being inferior to its imported counterparts, mostly because its mass production shifts the attention away from quality and flavor. Nonetheless, the difference between the two kinds of beer is mostly just about perception. Imported beers, especially those from countries known for high quality brews, are perceived as better when it comes to overall quality, taste and aroma. The quality of the international variety is asserted by the fact that it is not commercially available. Nonetheless, there are also domestic beers which are great and satisfying. It is just the fact that they most are mass produced which makes a lot of people choose to go for the other kind.

Those who truly love beer do not discriminate against one or the other, for they know that beer is still beer. It is these people which can be found in variety beer clubs (domestic and international microbrew clubs). The reason why a variety beer club is the best club to join is because a member gets to enjoy the best of both beer worlds, the domestic and the imported alike. The locally made products can be enjoyed alongside those brewed overseas. Rather than put one kind above the other, the variety beer clubs (domestic and international microbrew clubs) enable its members to appreciate the alcoholic products of both local and foreign brewmasters.

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