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Rare Beer Club – C & H Clubs

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The Rare Beer Club by C & H Clubs has a clear mission: the bring you the finest rare beers the world has to offer. All of the beers featured in this club have been selected by one of the top beer critics in the world. This club includes limited release beers and selections that can be aged. If you know a beer lover this club will most certainly bring them a smile.

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Rare Beer Club – C & H Clubs
Rated 4.5/5 based on 3 reviews

3 Customer Reviews of “Rare Beer Club – C & H Clubs”

  • farina m

    My younger brother is a huge beer fan. He’s been on several beer trips to different spots in the world. He’s always finding new microbreweries and trying different beers. When I discovered this rare beer club I knew it was perfect for him. I got him the six bottle club for Christmas last year for 6 months. He said it’s the best gift he’s event received!

  • anonymous

    I bought this club for myself. Where I live the store only has the standard local beers and a few foreign beers. It’s like a one hour drive to a higher end grocery store that carries some higher end beers. So this club was perfect for me. These amazing beers appear at my doorstep and I don’t need to go anywhere. I drank about half of them and am saving the other half for special occasions.

  • Tim S

    Father’s day is always a tough one for me. I never know what my dad wants. He seems to have everything he needs and anything that he doesn’t he just goes and buys. I figured beer is something he can always use and enjoy. I wanted to get him something really good for Father’s day this year. I looked around and this club looks like one of the most premium clubs out there. He just received his first shipment and looked super happy.

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Every Beer Lover's Dream... a Rare Beer Club

Beer clubs come in many kinds. One beer club is different from another in many aspects, including features and policies. However, the most significant difference two beer clubs can have is the kind of beer it provides its members. Beer lovers go for specific types of beer, especially according to their tastes and preferences. For instance, beer aficionados who prefer hard-to-find brews would choose to join rare beer clubs.

Members of rare beer clubs are probably those with a discriminating taste for beer. This is because these people know that there is more to beer than the mass-produced beverages found in the supermarket. These beer fans are aware that there are other brews out there that push the envelope when it comes to taste, aroma, even the process of beer making. Because they choose to settle for less than extraordinary, these people did not hesitate to sign up for the rare beer clubs of their choice.

While the rare beer clubs may be distinct from one another, it is safe to say that their mission is the same. That mission to bring the best and most impressive rare brews to countless beer drinkers out there. This is why these clubs search the world for rare beers to deliver to those who decide to join them.

Rare beer clubs are created because beer is no longer perceived as just a typical kind of beverage. These days, more and more people are beginning to see beer as a more special product. The high regard afforded to wine in some countries is now being given to beer as well. This means that in terms of making beer, more and more breweries are showing a different kind of craftsmanship when it comes to this specific drink. Brewers return to forgotten beer-making traditions, choosing to prioritize quality instead of quantity. They also begin to experiment with techniques, especially when it comes to aging, blending and brewing. The result of all these efforts is beer like no other.

In a sense, a rare beer club can be considered an exclusive club for beer drinkers, since the members get to exclusively enjoy one-of-a-kind beer. In most rare beer clubs, the membership is limited to a certain number to guarantee the quality of the beverage. Oftentimes, the beer offered by a club is so rare that it has never been distributed in most major countries, including the United States. The exceptional beer is often supplied by breweries which do not make their merchandise commercially available. Indeed, it is very advantageous to be part of rare beer clubs.

Aside from shipments of exquisite beer, members of rare beer clubs often also receive a newsletter with the delivery. The newsletter presents the member with some vital information, such as the history of the brewery from which the beers came from, the ingredients of the each beer, the style of the brewmaster, suggested food pairings for each beverage, and most importantly, the reason why the beers are different from the rest.

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