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Premium Beer Club – Amazing Clubs

Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month club is a great value. They look for premium handcrafted beers and provide a well written Beer Lover’s Newsletter with each shipment. All of their beer is domestic, so if you are looking to try beer from unique small batch microbrews across the country, this is the right club for you. Also, if you are sending this club as a gift you can do a personalized gift announcement. It’s good to know they never feature beers that have national distribution, so you can be sure your gift receiver will only get unique hard to find beers they won’t find in local stores.

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Premium Beer Club – Amazing Clubs
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2 Customer Reviews of “Premium Beer Club – Amazing Clubs”

  • Tony H.

    I got the Beer of the Season Club for myself. I’ve been getting tired of drinking the same old beer that my local Safeway carries. I figured this club would save me the time of heading to the store to pick up beer and would introduce me to some new beers. I’m enjoy the beer so far. The best part is the Beer Lover’s Newsletter… it has great info on all the beers.

  • charles

    I’ve bought amazing clubs beer club a couple times as a gift for friends and family. I’ve heard nothing but thank yous and positive stuff. I saw the shipment one of my friends received and it looked pretty impressive. The beers I’ve tried have all been top notch.

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