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Microbrewed Beer of the Month – C & H Clubs

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The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club by C & H Clubs is one of the best options for anyone looking to explore finely crafted microbrew beer. The member of this club will receive 12 bottles of beer every month from great microbreweries all across the US. With every order you’ll receive their monthly newsletter which is quite informative. C & H Clubs has been delivering this beer club since is started in 1994. They continue to deliver on their formula for success: quality beer, variety, and ordering flexibility.

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Microbrewed Beer of the Month – C & H Clubs
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3 Customer Reviews of “Microbrewed Beer of the Month – C & H Clubs”

  • john schneider

    My wife got me a membership to this beer of the month club for my birthday last year. I’m a bit of a beer snob so I was worried they might not send the best beers…. but I was wrong! The beers were all from interesting microbrews and were top notch. There was a good amount of variety so I got to explore some new ones I wouldn’t have found otherwise.

  • Maryann

    I’ve been receiving the clubs of america beer club for a couple months now and am really enjoying it. My favorite so far was an amazing IPA. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s coming next month!

  • luana

    I really love beer and my husband got me this club for 12 months for our anniversary. All I can say is that I love it lots! There’s nothing like coming home from work and seeing that special box at my door. I can hardly wait to open it. We always read the Beer Lover’s Newsletter first and then start sampling our new beers.

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Why are Microbrew beer clubs so Popular?

There are countless beer clubs all over the world. These clubs are established for all those who love beer, and are passionate about trying out the different kinds of this beverage. Just as there are many kinds of beer, there are also many kinds of beer clubs. One of them are microbrew beer clubs, those which specifically deal with microbrews.

What is a microbrew? Microbrew is called as such because this kind of beer has been brewed in a small commercial brewery. When one calls a brewery 'small,' it simply means it is only required to brew a specific amount of beer annually. For instance, a microbrewery in the US will brew only 15,000 barrels of beer a year. Consequently, a microbrew pub is that which sells only a limited amount on its premises. However, most of these pubs enable the patrons to sample and taste their beers. Some microbrews are also referred to as craft beers, real ales or cask ales.

A microbrew is not mass produced. Rather than put importance on quantity, the emphasis in the creation of these brews is quality. Microbreweries pay close attention to the ingredients used in making the beer, as well as the brewing process in general. The creation of kind of beer follows the traditional brewing process, wherein sugars from a form of malted grain are added to water and hop flowers. The mixture is aged.

Microbrews are created differently from other kinds of beer. In bottled beer, the next step would be filtering and heating. In the case of cask ale, it will be placed directly into a cask where it will continue its developing process. A microbrew is usually carbonated with live yeast that will ferment in the container. Nonetheless, there are craft beers which filtered as well.

The reason why there are many microbrew beer clubs is that there are many people with a passion for this kind of beer. As illustrated above, this kind of beer is different from the others. It has an aroma and flavor that are absent from commercially brewed beer. Most members of microbrew beer clubs would even insist that the microbrew possess a flavor more complex than that of American light lagers. The addition of the hop flowers makes a big difference, as it gives the beverage a sweet smelling aroma. Other natural ingredients which add to the flowery scent of a microbrew are lavender and coriander.

It can be said that the members of microbrew beer clubs are beer aficionados which do not want to settle with the usual kind of beer. They have a taste for the extraordinary, a fondness for beer which are carefully crafted and created. It is these people that who take beer seriously; they want nothing but quality and impressive selections that the best microbreweries can offer. If you love beer and have a discriminating taste in brews, it would be best for you to pick one among the many microbrew beer clubs and be a member.

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