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International Beer Club – C & H Clubs

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The International Beer of the Month Club by C & H Clubs is a great option for anyone looking to experience beers from around the world. All of the beers sent with this club are imports. Each month the member receives twelve 12oz beers from two different international breweries. The beer styles are varied in each shipment so the receiver will have a chance to try all kinds of beer from all the top beer regions worldwide. Each month they will also receive a newsletter that provides great info on the beer they received and other great beer tips.

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International Beer Club – C & H Clubs
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3 Customer Reviews of “International Beer Club – C & H Clubs”

  • Mark F

    My brother just got back from Europe and was raving about all the wonderful beers there. So last week when it was his birthday I thought, what better to get him than an international beer club. I know he really likes foreign beers and I thought this way he could enjoy some every week.

  • susan

    I wasn’t sure what to get my dad for Father’s day. Last year I made him his favorite breakfast and took him out to his favorite theater. This year I wanted to do something even better… my friend gave me the idea of getting him a beer club. I ended up selecting this international beer club because I know he always likes to try new things. He’s had it for a couple months and have been enjoying it so much. He gets excited every time a shipment arrives.

  • Laurie

    My husband loves to have beer when watching football or hanging out with his group of guys. I was excited when I found this international club because I knew right away that he would totally like it. After all, what man doesn’t like beer?

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Why consider an International Beer Club?

It is a fact that there are millions of people around the world who consider beer as their favorite beverage. Beer may come in many kinds, but it will still be embraced by individuals from various cultures and countries. Indeed, the passion for this specific beverage is global, and it is this passion that makes international beers clubs possible.

Beer clubs are established worldwide to pay tribute to one of the world's most popular beers. Those who appreciate a good brew would certainly find it appealing to join a program wherein he or she can get a sample of the best beers monthly. However, not all beer aficionados are the same. While they all love beer, each individual goes for a specific kind of brew. There are some who are fond of local beers, while there are others who have a taste for microbrews. Then there are those who want to have a complete beer drinking experience, those that want a taste of beers from all parts of the globe. This is the reason why there are international beers clubs.

As the name suggests, international beers clubs are programs which provide its members with the finest selection of specialty beer the world has to offer. After all, why would a beer aficionado choose to drink commercially available brews if he or she can taste beer of different kinds and brands from around the world? International beers clubs are for the thousands of beer drinkers who take their brew seriously.

If you love beer and are interested in joining a beer club, it would be best for you to join an international beer club. Why are international beers clubs more advantageous for beer drinkers? First of all, the selection of brews available is much more extensive. As there are many countries and breweries that make beer, an international beer club provides samples of hundreds of imported brews. Second, the experience one gets from being a part of such a club will prove to be educational and enriching at the same time. Not all breweries make beer the same way. They utilize different methods when it comes to filtering, heating, fermentation and the like. Different breweries and countries also use unique ingredients in their mixtures. By being a part of an international beer club, one can get to learn these things by simply sampling the bottles sent by the club.

However, the best part of joining international beers clubs is the exposure to different cultures. More often than not, the products of a particular community or country is a reflection of their culture and national character. The product will be the ultimate proof of a manufacturer's skill, experience and dedication to the craft (in this case, the craft of making beer). In every bottle of imported beer one gets to drink, he or she becomes immersed in a different culture. In a way, the member of an international beer club can get to experience the world without leaving home.

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