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Domestic Microbrew Club – Clubs of America

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The Domestic Microbrew Club by Clubs of America is one of the best beer clubs available online. The founders, Doug and Dirk, started off Clubs of America in 1994 with the idea of bringing amazing microbrew beer to everyone’s doorstep. And their tradition continues as they deliver wonderful beers every month. They pride themselves on great quality and the best value they can provide. Plus, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Each shipment includes a Beer Expeditions newsletter, so you’ll learn a lot about the beers you’re drinking. In the past they’ve shipped everything from Oatmeal Stout to a White Ale.

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Domestic Microbrew Club – Clubs of America
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3 Customer Reviews of “Domestic Microbrew Club – Clubs of America”

  • Adila B

    I was considering gourmet clubs domestic and international beer clubs, but then found the best option… their mixed club. This way my boyfriend gets to try the best local and international beers. I gave him the gift last night and he said it was the best gift he’s ever received!

  • Lucas

    I got this beer club for my bros birthday. The best part is he shares with me each time a shipment arrives. The beer so far has been awesome. We’ve tried a couple great ales and lagers. The stout wasn’t my favorite, but it was still pretty good.

  • Dirk Nadel

    My mom bought this club for me for Christmas last year. You know how often you are worried about opening gifts from your mom because you worry they will be something you didn’t want and you’ll have to pretend you like it? Well this time I was all smiles for real. I didn’t think she would have gotten me a beer club, maybe someone suggested it to her? Well whatever the reason, it was a kick ass gift.

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Discover Local Brews with a Domestic Beer Club

Different people have different tastes. When it comes to food, a dish that is spicy to one person can be bland to another. In terms of fashion, a great dress to an individual can be unflattering and tacky to the other. The same thing applies to beer drinkers. Those who love beer also have their preferences. Some prefer a delicate brew while others are fond of a bolder flavor. However, the difference in preference is not limited to the taste of beer alone. There are times when one's taste in beer is determined by what kind of brew it is. For example, there are people who favor domestic beer, and these individuals often join domestic beer clubs to regularly get a sample of their favorite kind of beer.

Beer lovers often distinguish the beverage into two categories: domestic beer and international beer. Any beer brewed within the borders of a particular country falls under the category of domestic beer. Because commercial beers such as Budweiser and Coors are brewed in the United States, both are considered as domestic beer. Even batches of microbrews made from the basement of an amateur brewer in the U.S. falls under the same category. Heineken is a domestic beer in Germany, just as Guinness is to Ireland. Nonetheless, defining what is domestic beer depends on which country one is located. If Budweiser is sold in a country other than the United States, it could be called international beer. Members of domestic beer clubs know their local brews, and know which brewery they came from.

There is much debate among the beer community regarding the two categories. Domestic beer suffers from an unfavorable reputation among beer purists. Compared to international beers, domestic beers are considered to be of lower quality, especially when placed alongside beers from countries known for high quality brews. The perception is prevalent, making it seem more of a truth than just assumption.

Members of domestic beer clubs would argue that international beer is not necessarily better than their choice of beer. They would say that the inferior reputation of locally made brews has more to do with marketing than anything else, since most of them are mass-produced for the global market. Nonetheless, just because they are commercially available does not mean that they are lacking in quality. Those who are part of domestic beer clubs know that being imported does not always equate to quality. A domestic beer can be just as good and satisfying as an international beer, but without the high price.

In a way, domestic beer clubs do the country good. By being a part of a domestic beer club, the members celebrate the best beverages local breweries have to offer. The members get to taste beer made in their own 'backyard' so to speak, and in turn they support the local brewing industry. In return, they get a regular sample of great beers which cannot be tasted anywhere else, just by being a part of domestic beer clubs.

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