Beer Club Guide is the #1 rating and review site for beer of the month clubs. Each club below has been reviewed for beer quality, beer education, and value. If you are in a hurry and looking for the best value check out our highest rated club, the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club.

Top Rated Beer Clubs

#1 Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club

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Gourmet Domestic Monthly Beer Club Review

The Domestic Beer Club by Gourmet Monthly Clubs is a great option for anyone looking to explore lightly distributed breweries in the US. The member of this club will receive 12 bottles of beer every month from great microbreweries all across the US… read more

#2 Domestic Microbrew Club

Clubs of America Monthly Beer Club Review

Clubs of America has one of the best beer clubs available online. The founders, Doug and Dirk, started off Clubs of America in 1994 with the idea of bringing amazing microbrew beer to everyone’s doorstep. And their tradition continues as they deliver wonderful beers every month… read more

#3 Variety International & Domestic Beer Club

Gourmet Variety Monthly Beer Club Review

The International & Domestic Variety Beer Club by Gourmet Monthly Clubs is a wonderful option for someone that wants the best of both worlds. With this club every month they’ll receive beer from two US breweries and from two international breweries. They still receive twelve bottles a month, just with a lot more variety… read more

#4 Rare Beer Club

Gourmet Rare Monthly Beer Club Review

The Rare Beer Club by Gourmet Monthly Clubs has a clear mission: the bring you the finest rare beers the world has to offer. All of the beers featured in this club have been selected by one of the top beer critics in the world…. read more

#5 International Beer Club

Gourmet International Monthly Beer Club Review

The International Beer of the Month Club by Gourmet Monthly Clubs is a great option for anyone looking to experience beers from around the world. All of the beers sent with this club are imports. Each month the member receives twelve 12oz beers from two different international breweries…. read more

#6 Premium Beer Club

Amazing Premium Beer Club

Amazing Clubs Beer of the Month club is a great value. They look for premium handcrafted beers and provide a well written Beer Lover’s Newsletter with each shipment. All of their beer is domestic, so if you are looking to try beer from unique small batch microbrews across the country, this is the right club for you… read more

How to Select A Beer Club

It is a fact that beer is one of the world’s most beloved beverages. In every country, there is surely a beer lover to be found. Among all alcoholic beverages, it is the most widely consumed. It is also highly favored, ranking after water and tea as the most popular drink in general. The popularity of beer is proven by the fact that there are clubs dedicated to it. That’s right, all over the world there are clubs which celebrate this amazing alcoholic drink.

So what is a beer club?

Also called a beer of the month club, it is a program that delivers a certain quantity of beer to the members on a regular basis. Usually, the beer is delivered to members every month. There are countless beer of the month clubs out there, but no two beer clubs are the same. Each is different, with its own unique features and policies. Naturally, the members of these clubs are beer lovers. After all, which avid beer drinker would not want regular delivery of fine brew in his or her doorstep?

Types of Clubs

The kind of beer enjoyed by members of a particular club varies. A club may send its members the same type or brand of beer each month, or it can focus on microbrews (which is done in a microbrew club) or imported beers. There is also an ale club, for those who are fond of this type of beer. Most clubs necessitate a minimum commitment to the program. This means that a membership to a brew of the month club may last for six months or a year. There are also those which service only a specific area or location; some clubs deliver only in the United States, in accordance with local laws. Nonetheless, whatever kind of beer month club it is or its chosen shipping location, these programs only deliver monthly beer to those over the legal drinking age.

Choose Wisely

If beer is one of your favorite beverages, you should join a beer club. However, you must first choose which program is most suitable for you. There are hundreds of beer clubs out there, and the wide selection can be overwhelming. If you are determined to join one, you must take the time and exert some effort before you choose. It would be best for you to shop around first before signing up with a particular program.

Tips on selecting a club

There are many things to be done before a person can pick the right program. The most important thing to do for anyone interested in enjoying the beer of the month is to look at the selection. You have to see what is available out there. As was earlier mentioned, beer clubs are different from one another when it comes to features, policies and of course the kind of beer they deliver. There are some clubs that present options for which types of beer it will send its members. Some of the most common options are international beers, rare beers and American microbrews. The individual should also learn how many types of beers will be included in each delivery, as well as the quantity of total bottles.

In choosing a beer club, one must read the fine print first. This means the individual must be familiar with the terms and conditions of each program. As mentioned above, there are clubs that require minimum commitment when it comes to membership. Meanwhile, there are others wherein the membership can be renewed on a month-to-month basis. Some even give the members the capability to cancel anytime they want. Moreover, there are beer clubs that service only specific areas or states.

Because inclusion in a beer program does not come for free, one should also consider the prices. Before you select a beer club, you must see if the beer subscription fee is within your budget. When you do compare prices, keep in mind some important considerations. For instance, determine the total amount of beer covered by the price by considering the size or the style of the bottles. Remember to factor in shipping costs in your comparison; the cost is dependent on the nature and weight of the shipment. If you want to save money, you should probably choose a program which requires longer commitment because their service is cheaper. The cost is more expensive for clubs which allow one-time purchases or month-to-month subscriptions.

Reviews are key to finding the best beer clubs

However, the best thing a person can do in selecting a beer club is to read beer club reviews. Reviews in general are very helpful. For example, movie and CD reviews allow people to see which are the best and worst releases in the world of film and music. Gadget reviews enable tech-savvy consumers to know which products are worth their money. Beer of the month club reviews work the same way. These allow a person make the best decision for himself or herself when it comes to choosing a beer club. In fact, you can usually do all the aforementioned steps in choosing the right beer club for you just by perusing beer month club reviews. These reviews are mostly available online, so people need not look anywhere else. is the #1 site for reviews about the beer clubs. Our site has compiled a list of the best beer clubs available and provides comparisons of each to enable the viewer to make an informed choice. The factors considered in our beer of the month reviews includes the kind of shipment to be received, subscription options, prices, whether or not the beer club has special offers or newsletters, whether a member can reorder his or her favorite brews, and whether or not the beer can be sent as a gift.

If you really want to be a part of a beer club, keep all these things in mind so you can choose the best beer club for you.