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What is the Most Expensive Beer?

Beer is a matter of personal taste. For some, the ultimate taste commands a price. Check out some of the most expensive beers in the world:

A Trip To Utopia(s)

In 2002, there was one name in beer which was recognized as the most expensive: Utopias. The look of this brew from Sam Adams and the Boston Beer Company looked extravagant enough: the beer was sold in an opulent copper-plated brew kettle. However, the packaging was not the reason for the hefty price. There is a reason why Utopias was so expensive. According to Sam Adams brewer Grant Wood, the beer is expensive because of the extensive process involved in its creation. The exquisiteness of the beer is also to blame for the $150 price tag. The non-carbonated brew is sweet, thanks to the traces of caramel, oak and vanilla. Its taste doesn’t compare to any other beer.

Going Vintage

In 2008, Utopias was unseated from its throne thanks to Jacobsen Vintage No.1. A product of Jacobsen Brewhouse in Denmark, this barley wine beer with an ABV of 10.5% shocked beer lovers in the United States with its $400 price tag. The brew’s rarity and exclusivity was a major factor in the cost. Jacobsen Brewhouse only made 600 bottles, none of which could be purchased outside Denmark. Even those living in Denmark had a hard time getting their hands on the precious gem. Only three up-scale restaurants in Copenhagen sold the brew.

Very Expensive Roadkill

In 2010, Jacobsen Vintage No.1 was dethroned when Scottish brewery BrewDog and their costly ‘The End of History” became the most expensive brew. However, the $765-per-bottle price wasn’t its most controversial aspect. The fact that the beer is also the strongest with 55% alcohol wasn’t the reason for the buzz, either. “The End of History” was shocking due to its unique packaging. BrewDog only made 12 bottles, and each bottle was found inside a roadkill animal: 4 squirrels, 7 weasels and 1 hare.

A Victory for Australia

Unfortunately, the dead animals didn’t help BrewDog keep their title. In November 2010, Australia’s Nail Brewing Company sold its limited edition Antarctic Nail Ale in an auction for $800. Only 30 bottles of the Antarctic Nail Ale were made, and each bottle was brewed using a melted chunk Antarctic ice. The profit from the sale went to benefit an anti-whaling group.

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