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Top Beer Travel Tours

Beer experts are known to travel all over to world to discover the most amazing beers. However, you do not need to be a beer expert to travel the world enjoying beer. Thanks to beer tours, any avid beer drinker can go on an amazing vacation. If you are a beer lover itching to experience an interesting beer-related excursion, check out these top beer tours:

Going for the Guinness

All certified beer lovers are familiar with Guinness. Guinness is world-renowned name in beer, and is considered to be Ireland’s most popular export. It is therefore no surprise that the country is a recommended stop when it comes to beer tours, with Dublin as the specific destination.

Guinness was first brewed in the Arthur Guinness brewery located at St. James’s Gate. Unfortunately, the brewery has been closed to the public since 1972 due to health and safety reasons. Now, the tour that beer lovers look forward to in Dublin is that of the The Guinness Storehouse, a seven-story building devoted to beer-making and tasting.

A Taste of Swiss Brew

There is more to Switzerland than Swiss knives and chocolate. It has also become a must-visit destination in terms of beer tours. Located high in the Swiss Alps, the Monsteiner Bier brewery offers nine beer-tasting opportunities to visitors, as well as a train ride and Nordic walking. Excursions in the Monsteiner Bier are capped off with either a brewery tour, a beer tasting session, or both.

Belgium Bound

Belgium is slowly being recognized in Europe for its contributions in beer production. Aside from being the home of The Museum of the Belgian Brewers and The Delirium Cafe, it is also where Chimay beer originated. Chimay, a known beer-making Trappist monastery, is a famed beer mecca. Visitors may not be allowed inside the brewery, but Chimay still indulges beer fans by allowing them to tour the gardens, cemetery and church. After the tour, visitors can enjoy Chimay brews and other Belgian beers in the L’Auberge de Poteaupre restaurant.

Beer Making, Japanese Style

Europe isn’t the only place for beer tours. Because of Japan, many beer fans are also encouraged to travel to Asia. The Kiuchi Brewery in Ibaraki provides lessons in beer making, including recipe creation, malt measurement and mashing techniques.

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