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Top Beer Regions In The World

There are many incredible brews throughout the world, and a real beer lover seeks to find the best beer watering holes around the world. If you are a beer enthusiast who has the budget and time to travel, where would you go? Here are some ideas for your itinerary:

  1. Munich, Germany – A Beer Lover’s Paradise

    Any certified beer drinker knows about Munich and Oktoberfest. The Oktoberfest, the annual event synonymous with beer, is a festival that runs from late September to the first week of October. This famous event in Germany is attended by over five million people every year. Beer drinkers who go to the festival consume more than six million liters of beer within the Oktoberfest’s 16-day period.

    Other must-visit beer places in Munich include the world’s oldest brewery Weihenstephan and beer gardens perfect for drinking in the summer like Seehaus.

  2. Dublin, Ireland – Home of the Guinness

    Dublin is popular as the home for Ireland’s most famous export: the Irish stout Guinness. This world-renowned beer was first brewed in the brewery of Arthur Guinness in St. James’s Gate. Drinking beer is an big part of life in Dublin. The pubs and traditional ale houses in the area are often full of patrons. However, if you must drink beer in Dublin, there are two places you should go: The Guinness Storehouse and The Porterhouse. At the Guinness Storehouse, beer lovers can see the brewing process for themselves and learn how to pour the perfect pint. The Porterhouse is the city’s first brewpub.

  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands – More Than Just A Heineken Experience

    Amsterdam is best known for one of its top brews—Heineken. In fact, many beer lovers visit the city for a tour of The Heineken Experience, the brewery and visitor center of the famed Dutch pilsner.

    However, the most interesting beer-related item one will find in Amsterdam is the beer bike, a vehicle that has a full bar and can seat 10 to 20 people. Thanks to the bike, one can see the sights and enjoy beer at the same time.

  4. Brussels, Belgium – Europe’s Beer Leader

    Brussels is leading the way when it comes to beer production in Europe. Famed for its unique beer specialties (thanks to fermentation with the use of wild yeasts and bacteria), the city is also home to The Museum of the Belgian Brewers and The Delirium Cafe, the pub recognized by the Guinness World Records for having the most number of beers at one time.

  5. Portland, Oregon – Beervana in the United States

    Portland is considered by many as the unofficial beer capital of the United States mainly because it has more breweries than any other American city. With a total of 31 breweries and brewpubs in the city, Portland has more breweries per capita than any other city in the world. Portland is also the venue for Oregon Brewers Festival, one of the country’s biggest and best beer festivals. Any beer lover is encouraged to try the Hop Trip Ale from the brewery Deschutes.

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