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Glassware for Beer

Most people like to enjoy their beer immediately from the can or bottle. However, those patient enough like to enjoy their beer in a glass designed specifically for beer.

The glass in which one might enjoy a beer has a huge effect on the way the beverage will smell, taste and look. Believe it or not, the shape of the glass also matters in terms of head development and retention. This is the reason why different styles of beer require different styles of glassware. Check out the different kinds of beer glasses below:

Flute Glass

The long, narrow body of this glassware enables the beer to display either lively carbonation or sparkling color; the shape also guarantees that the carbonation doesn’t dissolve immediately. Moreover, the flute glass allows for the quick release of volatiles that leads to a strong upfront aroma. It is best used for beer styles such as Eisbock, Gueze, Lagers, Lambics and Weizenbock.

Goblet or Chalice

These aren’t really the same, though they have a similar effect. The goblet is delicate with a long stem, while the chalice is heavy and has thick walls. This kind of glassware was created for head retention. Its wide mouth is perfect for deep sips. It is best used for strong ales, dubbel, tripel and quadrupel.


This is the preferred glassware of most beer drinkers. Despite being heavy and sturdy, it is easy to drink from. Not only does the mug hold more beer than other glassware, but it can also be clinked with other mugs without worrying about breakage. The mug is often used for drinking American, English and German lagers.

Pilsner Glass

This tall, slender and tapered glassware is known to showcase the color, clarity and carbonation of the beer, boost volatiles and enable head retention all at the same time. As the name suggests, it is best for Pilsner, but it is also used to serve various kinds of light beer.

Pint Glass

This almost cylindrical glassware is known for its wide mouth and slight ridge near the top. Like the mug, it is also easy to drink from. One perk of this glass is that it is easy to store, thanks to said ridge. The pint glass comes in two sizes: the 16-ounce (perfect for American lagers) and the 20-ounce (good for English ales and English lagers).


Often associated with brandy and cognac, this glassware is known for its tapered mouth, wide-bowled shape, and stem. This is the perfect glass for capturing aroma and enhancing volatiles. It is best used for barley wines, stouts and dark ales.


This slender, cylindrical glassware is designed to boost the malt and hop nuances in more delicate beers. This is the glass used to serve Altbier, Bocks, Kolsch and Lambics.


This flower-shaped glassware has a lip that is made to produce and support large foamy heads. It is ideal for Belgian Strong, Doubles, Fruit Ales and Lambics.

Wheat Beer Glass / Weizen Glass

This thin-walled glassware was created to flaunt the wheat beer’s color while providing enough space on the top for fluffy heads.

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