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Beer Accessories: Great Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a great gift for a beer lover? Look no further! We’ve found some great beer accessories sure to please even the most avid beer fanatic.

Beer Bottle Openers

These accessories are not just a want; they are a need. After all, how would anyone enjoy a beer if you can’t open the bottle? Most beer lovers are familiar with the typical variety of beer bottle openers: the sleek and simple bartender bottle openers, the key chain bottle openers in different shapes, as well as the wall mounted variety. However, the best beer bottle openers to give as gifts are the unique ones. Some of most exciting beer bottle openers available include the USB flash drive bottle opener and iDrink bottle opener (shaped like an iPod).

Insulated Six Pack Holder

Everyone likes a cold beer. The insulated six back keeps the beer at its desired temperature when you are on the go. This beer accessory proves to be a versatile gift, even for non-drinkers, as it can fit most water and soda bottles, as well as cans.

Tap Handles

Some devoted beer drinkers have their own home draft system. Wouldn’t it be better if the system looked like it belonged to a commercial brew pub? Thanks to the number of unique tap handles in the market, it is possible to make the home draft system look commercial without breaking the bank. Tap handles are available in various sizes, shapes and forms.

Beer Bong

A throwback to the college days, alas the treasured beer bong. Beer bongs are a fixture in college parties, but you don’t need to be a college student to use it. Beer bongs come in a few varieties: bottle beer bongs, can beer bongs, and funnel beer bongs. Some funnel bongs even come in various shapes, like a pink flamingo.

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