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Posted by BeerMaven | Types of Beer | Posted on August 7th

If you have a beer club, you’ve been fortunate enough to receive all sorts of beers from around the world every month. But did you know all those beers really come down to two classifications? In the end there are only ales and lagers. Contrary to what many believe it’s not about light vs dark beer. A lager is a beer that’s been fermented in cold conditions and an ale is a beer that’s been fermented in warmer conditions. A lager can be really dark and an ale can have a light color. Around 80% of what you taste in beer is actually what you’re smelling. So carbonation in beer is very important. Swirling the beer in the glass can hep release the flavors. Color in beer comes from the malt – the grains used in beer. And more malt = more alcohol. Okay enough facts, let’s start tasting. Cheers!

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