Learn how to distinguish different beers

Posted by BeerMaven | Types of Beer | Posted on May 17th

Did you just get a mixed beer shipment from your beer of the month club? Here’s a quick video that will walk you through how to taste the five different popular types of beer: lagers, ales, stouts, porters, and wheat beers. So head to the store and get yourself a mixed case so you can try all five types. Make sure your lagers are nice and cold. The wheat beer should also be fairly cold. The ales, porters, and stouts don’t need to be chilled as much. The key is to serve beer at the same temperature it ferments. If you’re a keener you can google the fermentation temperature for each beer type. Check out the color and smell of the beers. Finally, and most importantly, take a sip of each beer. Take your time and find your favorite. When switching beer types be sure to have a cracker or something else to clean your pallet so you get a pure sample of each beer. Enjoy your tasting!

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