How to pair food and beer

Posted by BeerMaven | Food & Beer | Posted on February 11th

Look for flavor combination. Many IPAs and other beers combine really well with citrus. Any dish you serve with a lemon wedge or that has citrus in it will work great with these beers. For dessert typically people do sweet beers. But often combinations are counterintuitive, like dark chocolate ganache with hot chili peppers with a double IPA. Yes really, it’s amazing. You’re best bet is to mix it up and try different combinations. Everyone’s pallet is unique so everyone will enjoy something a little different. Common flavors in the food and beer are a safe bet, but sometimes opposites attract.

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  1. David Teckam says:

    Beer naturally does well at putting out the heat of spicy foods. But a pretty hoppy Pale Ale or IPA does this so well, and is a favorite combination.

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