Beer with Beef

Posted by BeerMaven | Food & Beer | Posted on July 31st

Most people will agree that beer and beef are the best of friends. Wherever you look, whether it’s at the family barbeque, a baseball game or in the local pub; beer clings to beef almost like it does to pizza. Whether it is a burger, steak, ribs, stews, curry or silverside roast, beer is there; refreshing your palate and cooling you down while outdoor barbecue or cleaning your palate while you enjoy a burger and cheer on your favorite football team during the fall and winter.

Nothing beats the way a roast beef tastes when it’s been allowed to simmer in a sweet Bavarian beer— not only does it bring out the best in the meat but it also softens it and presents a mouth-watering contrast in flavors. Red meat is well partnered with fuller, fruity ales like Anchor’s Liberty Ales. A nicely seasoned steak can pair well with a dark lager or an even darker stout.

People have always loved beer with the all-time favorites, but it’s time to introduce beer and beef to the classy world of fine cuisine. Lagers are versatile and adapt easily to the saltiness of beef, and in turn, heavier beers such as porters and stouts definitely make their mark in the world of beef. Beer has always partnered well with a burger, and the burger and beer tend to be consumed together as if they were naturally destined to be together.

For rich beef and beer experiences, marinating ground beef in the same lager you will serving it with will definitely bring new light to your meat loaf or burger. A steak, whether it is a fillet or T-Bone, sings out loudly when you set a beer out to compliment it. When serving your steak with a rich sauce, the best route to follow would be a German lager as the lager will cut through the rich sauce. When eating the steak plain and natural, a pure a brown ale will definitely accentuate the sweet malt flavor of the ale and bring out the sweetness of the fat in the steak.

Many different beers are fantastic partners of your choice in cut of steak, brown ales, smoked lagers or even dry stouts. The choice is yours, the marriage will be unique and the taste will not let you down. Generally, the more seasoned your beef becomes, the darker your beer should be, but there are hardly any wrong answers when pairing beer with beef.

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