Beer with Pizza

Posted by BeerMaven | Food & Beer | Posted on July 21st

For most people, the tradition of pizza parlors being a gathering place for teenagers, college students and working class families has continued to gain popularity. The demand for a great pizza is growing and beer has always been a popular partner to pizza. The most popular beers of choice would be that of microbrews— local beers made specifically by or for the owner of the restaurant. More and more, people are appreciating an establishment that serves its own beer with their food .

In Italy, a rosemary and potato pizza made with garlic and olive oil is enjoyed with a Peroni, although some might say pale ale would make the perfect partner. The malty flavor certainly does not outshine the pizza. Hawaiian pizza is probably one of the most popular pizzas anywhere in the world and wheat beers are definitely the way to go when consuming this classic— the smoky flavors of the bacon or ham are complimented by the beer and pineapple flavors are enhanced by the slight bitterness of the beer. The pepperoni pizza, another favorite in the world of pizza, is a spicy and meaty pizza that is best served with pale ale, a hoppy beer that is full of flavor and will definitely cut through the greasy pepperoni.

To be honest, most beers are easily matched to a pizza. German beers work superbly with a pizza that has caramelized onions, pickles or steak. Italian or even Mexican beers will compliment spicy pizzas of all kinds. Local lagers whether they are hoppy, malty or even just plain old fantastic will make meaty pizzas, chicken pizzas or vegetarian pizzas so much more enjoyable.

Because yeast is a raising agent and found in all beers, why not use it to make your own pizza bases? Beer acts as a fantastic raising agent and it will also add flavor to your base, which in turn means a new and unusual eating experience.

If you like pizza and you are a fan of good conversation, gather a few friends, get a collection of beer together, and start taste testing to see who likes what, what pizza toppings work best with which beer, and to start gathering your own collection of favorites. You never know, you could introduce a new dining style to your friends. None the less, never doubt your palate when it comes to experimentation and you will always be surprised by the outcome.

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