Beer with Pork

Posted by BeerMaven | Food & Beer | Posted on July 10th

When pairing beer and pork there are a few things you need to keep in mind. With pork being a white meat and carrying its own unique flavor, it should be paired with a proper beer. Partnering pork with the wrong beer can be devastating and understanding how to pair the unique flavors of pork with beer will add the perfect final touch to your meal.

Like with beef and chicken, you find that using beer to marinade your pork is a definite go. By flash frying an onion, adding some herbs, spices, honey and a light larger to your pork roasting pan, you will discover that the flavors are complimentary as well as satisfying. In some cases, you may want to find beer that contrasts your pork, like a pale ale or American pale ale. Take a look at the online beer clubs and tap into the variety that they give you and for possible recipes.

When making pecan stuffed pork chops, it’s easy to see why a wheat beer works wonders for the meal— the pairing lifts the meal to new heights and the flavor of the beer is brought out by the sweetness of the meat. When having a barbeque or eating smoked pork its always best to choose a beer that indulges the senses as a weak bear could actually lower the impact of the taste of the pork and beers that are to strong could cut through the meal and leave it tasteless. Your best bet would be a dark ale or lager as the flavors will certainly complement one another.

Spicy cajun pork dishes are far more enjoyable when partnered with pale ale. They are mildly flavored and have limited after taste, making room for the flavor of your pork. Roasted pork, on the other hand, deserves a lighter beer that still houses a lot of flavor. Fruity ales have a nutty after taste that completes the meal.

When partnering beer and pork it is vital to remember to choose flavors that are similar, so that you will avoid a clash in flavor and will never fail to impress those who are enjoying your layout. Feel free to experiment and to discover for yourself which beers are most pleasing to your palate as a pairing to pork. Above all else, trust your instincts and you will find the perfect beer for the occasion.

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