Beer with Chicken

Posted by BeerMaven | Food & Beer | Posted on May 1st

Chicken is a soft and tender meat enjoyed by millions of people and has proven to be surprisingly flexible when it comes to how it is served, how it is prepared and of course; what you may and may not drink with it. Spicy chicken, such as a hot wing, goes well with most pilsners and ales while saucy chicken dishes pair well with a malty lager like the Oktoberfest or Vienna Lager. These lagers cut through the sauce and enhance the flavors while awakening a new kind of food perspective.

Undoubtedly, the world of chicken and beer is untapped and with chicken being such a freestyle food, why can’t we experiment with the joining of chicken and the unique flavors of beer? Kilkenny is a rich and creamy ale that is perfect for preparing stuffing for your favorite chicken roast. Apply the drippings as a basting for your potatoes, give them a roasting and serve with sweet vegetables like pumpkin, sugar snap peas, carrots and corn and there you have it, a hearty healthy meal. Contrast that with a light pale lager such as Pilsner Urquell, and you are guaranteed a winner.

Let’s not forget the ever famous Dos Equis; a dry, soft and refreshing beer that could easily bring new life to a Cajun chicken salad. In some cases, you could use the contrasting flavor to bring out a new experience in every chicken dish you experience.

Imagine chicken prepared in creamy rosemary, ginger, garlic and stout sauce served on a bed of fettuccini and enjoyed with a refined Miller Draft or even the ever famous spicy chicken vindaloo curry coupled with a Peroni— the light yet tasteful beer that clears your palate for the next bite with every sip.

Very few world beer clubs would shut down the idea of combining beer with chicken, but some chefs may try to convince you that chicken is a refined food and should be served with a dry or semi-sweet white wine. I prefer to encourage experimentation and challenge you to pioneer the way forward. Chicken and most light beers could prove to be a favorite in the marriage of flavors. However, when playing with flavor, you cannot go wrong with giving a dash of Guinness to your stir fry or even spicing up your chicken kebabs with an international flavor like those of the Czech Republic. Get creative and try new things and each time you do, a new beer will find its way into your heart.

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