An Introduction to the World of Beer

Posted by BeerMaven | Bud Light Beer, Microbrew Beer, Microbrewery | Posted on December 22nd

My first beer was; regretfully, a Bud Light. For several years after my first beer, I remember I drank beer more to fit in socially than to enjoy the taste. The reality of the fact is that most people enter the beer world through a macro brew such as a Miller, Budweiser or Molson type product. The first step toward beer appreciation is to take a look at a different kind of beer. Throughout the long history of beer brewing, the microbrew has always stood out due to originality and variety.

By definition, a microbrewery is a brewery that only produces less than 15,000 barrels of beer each year. Many microbreweries are local, keeping to the tradition throughout beer history of small breweries that brewed locally using their own spin on the basic beer recipe of malt, water, hops and yeast. Every microbrew provides the chance to give you a unique drinking experience, and this is the perfect place for you to start when you’ve reached the point of wanting something more than Miller Lite or Budweiser.

If I were to drink a different microbrew each day, it would take me the rest of my life to drink all of the different beer that is out there. This is what I find so fascinating about beer— it is much like wine, with its many variations and styles that each provide their own distinct taste, appearance and mouth feel. If you are just beginning your journey in beer exploration however, you may feel quite lost and not know where to start.

The best solution to this is to join a beer of the month club or an ale club. Since you are new to the realm of craft beer and microbrews, you obviously do not want to jump straight into a thick stout or a bitter IPA right off the bat. A beer of the month club reviews and selects a range of beers that you are able to try while you are still trying to determine your own unique taste in beer. You may discover that you fall in love quickly for a Belgian Style Wheat Ale, but stray away from porters, or just the other way around.

Drinking different beer is the only way that you will be able to see beer outside of the macro brew box. Beer clubs will lead you down a wild and unpredictable road of fun beers that you will never have heard of otherwise. Each month you will find a new surprise— perhaps one beer tickles your tongue just right, or another beer reveals that you really should stay away from that particular style— but then again, surprises are commonplace here. Welcome to the World of Beer!

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