Thanksgiving Beer Pairings

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Due to the complexity and diversity of flavors offered throughout a Thanksgiving meal, it can be difficult for any beer enthusiast to come to a decision on which beer to enjoy with the traditional Thanksgiving feast. Most beer and food pairings seek to compliment or contrast flavors, such as pairing tart and sweet foods with beers that are light, crisp or citrusy and paring spicy or savory dishes with thick full bodied beers that will not be overpowered. During a Thanksgiving feast, however, the pallet is exposed to a variety of flavors and it can be difficult to find beers that pair well with each of them. Beer club enthusiasts find the holidays to be a great time to experiment with new beer and food pairings and to decide what works best for their individual tastes.

Darker and full bodied beers match well with the main course— the traditional turkey or ham. Dark ales, porters and stouts will not be overpowered by the variety of flavors you will encounter in the side dishes and the molasses and caramel notes will complement the roasted flavor of the meat. Electing to go with a porter or stout at the end of the feast is also a great way to finish the meal.

If you want to find a beer that will compliment the multitude of flavors you will find in the side dishes, a lighter, spicier and citrusy beer will do. Examples of such beers include Belgian witbiers for their citrus notes or India Pale Ales for their hoppy, spicy and floral notes. These beers will blend well with numerous side dishes and won’t overpower the flavors of turkey or ham.

There has never been a better time to experiment with new beers than when in the company of family and friends and while enjoying a great meal. Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy offerings from different beer clubs as it allows you to try a variety of beers against the same type of variety of foods. If you can’t decide which direction to go, it is always just easier to drink a lighter beer during the course of the meal and to finish it off with a nice chocolate stout for dessert.

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