Steenbrugge Tripel by Steenbrugge (Brouwerij Palm)

Posted by BeerMaven | Beer Reviews | Posted on October 10th

I enjoy trying beers from a brewery with a long history. Steenbrugge (now Brouwerij Palm) has been brewing beer since 1084! Steenbrugge Tripel pours a hazy golden color with a very sizeable head (due to refermentation in the bottle) that leaves some lacing. The aromas are of spicy herbal hops and honey. On the palate this brew is sweet with prominent caramel malts. The sweetness is perfectly balanced with just the right amount of bitter hops than linger on the palate. Notes of lemon zest are also present in the background which also help in drying out some of the sweetness. This brew is wonderfully complex and can be enjoyed with an array of strong cheeses or gamey meats.

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