August Microbrew Shipment

Posted by BeerMaven | Beer Reviews | Posted on August 30th

This month’s shipment served up some great tasting and unique beers for me to try.  IPAs, wheats and ales…oh my!

Alba Scots Pine Ale by Williams Brothers Brewing Company

Alba Scots Pine Ale delivered an intriguing fruity flavor balanced with bitter hops.  It pours a thick frothy head that stays full as you drink it.  This ale is a deep redish amber color.  At first sip you’ll notice a sweet/bitter balanced taste scented with a hint of pine.  A caramel malt taste lingers on the palate with some floral hop tones in the background.  Overall, this ale has a fruity flavor to it,  but it’s not a fruit beer.  Brewed in Scotland, this style of beer is a old recipe resurrected from Viking times when hops were not readily available for brewing.

Hop Mania He’Brew IPA by Schmaltz Brewing Company

Just as the witty name suggests, Hop Mania is what you get with this IPA.  It’s brewed with 7 kinda of hops that you can smell even before you take a sip.  This IPA pours a deep caramel color with a fluffy head that sticks to the top of the beer as you drink. Citrus notes and malty sweetness manage to come through the very prominent bitter floral hops.

Kelpie Seaweed Ale by Williams Brothers Brewing Company

This name sounds weird for a beer, but the taste is not.  Just like the Alba Scots Pale Ale this is another resurrected Scottish brewing method. Barley grains used to be grown in beds of seaweed, but Williams Brothers Brewing Company adds seaweed to the mash to mimic the flavors of those grains.  The result is an intriguing ale with only hints of seaweed; probably something unnoticeable if not for the name.  The seaweed is enough to make this beer a great accompaniment to seafood dishes.  This beer pours a dark chocolate color, reminiscent of Guinness.  The light tan head is not thick and subsides quickly while leaving a ring around the glass as you drink.  You can smell and taste a roasted coffee flavor with an aftertaste of fudge.  This ale is very smooth despite it’s dark and heavy appearance.

Key West Southernmost Wheat by Florida Beer Company

Key West Southernmost Wheat makes you think of summer and so does its taste.  The minute I took a sip I was glad it was still warm out as my first impression was that this is a great warm weather beer.  The fizzy quality of this beer from the unfiltered yeast makes it a nice thirst quencher.  Key West Southernmost Wheat pours a light golden color with a head that quickly fizzles out.  The taste is a tangy citrus with the help of key lime that’s used in the brewing process.

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  1. Blake Murrah says:

    I am a member of the same BOTM club, and it is a good one. Excellent take on the Kelpie.


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