Four + Brewing Company – Wyld Organic Extra Pale Ale

Posted by BeerMaven | Beer Reviews | Posted on July 29th

Water, Barley, Hops and Yeast all add up to the ‘Four’ in Four + Brewing Company’s name.  I’m not usually a fan of pale ales, but I’m glad this one was in my beer shipment this month.  Part of the reason I love being part of a beer club is the opportunity to try beers that I probably would have never come across before.  This extra pale ale pours a light golden color.  The head is fizzy and dissipates quickly leaving behind a thin lacy layer.  The hops steel the show with their surprising citrus, almost grapefruit-like, taste.  The toasty malt flavor is present and blend well with the bright hops.  Wyld Extra Pale Ale is a great summer brew.

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