Why the World Loves Microbrews

Posted by BeerMaven | Microbrew Beer | Posted on March 20th

Once a beer drinker moves away from typical macro-breweries into the realm of craft and microbrew beers, an entire world of flavors comes to life. While it can take some time to really develop your tastes and come to know which styles and brands you prefer, the common sentiment is that most microbrews are better than mainstream macro-brewed beer. Therefore, the question that comes to mind is this– what are the macro-breweries missing?

It isn’t so much an issue of what large breweries are unable to put in their beers, but more a matter of what they add to beer that microbrewers do not. Large companies like Anheuser-Busch add adjuncts to their beer, which reduces the overall quality of the beer and also limits the amount of flavor the grains impart into the beer. Adjuncts are defined as anything that is added to a beer recipe that basically cuts a corner. For example, instead of using malted barley, a large brewery might throw an un-malted grain into the mash to cut costs.

The main purpose of using adjuncts is to cut cost and make a product that smaller breweries cannot possibly compete with in terms of price. This is the sole reason that you are able to pay only a couple of dollars for a 24 ounce can of Budweiser. However, in the world of beer, the adage that “you get what you pay for” manifests itself in the greatest sense. Beer drinkers that want to drink something that offers flavors as or more complex than the complexity of wine normally have to pay more.

However, the world of craft and microbrew beers is worth it to any person who comes to appreciate beer the way it was meant to be– full of flavor and character and not watered down and bland. It is for this reason that people join beer of the month clubs, seek out new and interesting microbreweries and embark on their own personal journeys to find beers that have all of the character and flavor that they crave and desire. Think for a moment about your own tastes in beer– are you held hostage to bland beers that are merely designed to be “drinkable” or have you joined the many beer lovers who have discovered that beer can be so much more?

This desire for so much more than what large breweries have to offer is the driving force behind craft beer as well as why microbreweries will always exist despite being unable to compete with low-priced budget beers. In the world of beer, some people simply cannot sacrifice quality for economy; and to be honest, that extra few bucks is worth every drop.

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