Beer of the Month Clubs

Posted by BeerMaven | Beer Clubs | Posted on May 30th

Are you somewhat new to the world of beer and want to explore uncharted territories in the realm of microbrews? Or are you an established beer enthusiast who has developed your palate and come to know what it is that you appreciate in your beer? Either way, enrolling in a beer of the month club is the perfect way to enhance your beer drinking experience and introduce yourself to new beers that you may have never had the opportunity to become acquainted with.

It can seem as though there is an equal number of beer clubs as there are beers sometimes, and choosing the right beer of the month club can be a confusing task. When doing so, keep in mind your own beer preferences and how willing you are to deviate from what you are normally accustomed to. For example, there are ale clubs that focus specifically on different types of ales while other beer clubs offer a more broad selection that includes pilsners, lagers, barley wine and other styles of beer that do not fit under the ale umbrella.

When you are looking at beer clubs, do keep in mind that the purpose of enrolling in one is to explore new beers. You may wish to steer clear of certain styles, but if you are too picky, the entire beer club experience will be wasted. The entire purpose of a beer club is to introduce you to strange and new beers so that you might find some new favorites, but this will not work if your preferences are too rigid. Be flexible and keep an open mind and you will be surprised by beers that you would have otherwise passed up.

If you are relatively new to the realm of beer, I would suggest enrolling in a more broad beer club that offers a bit of everything. Some beer clubs offer trial periods so that you can enroll for a month to see if you agree with the selection that is offered so that you can make an educated decision on whether that club is right for you or not. Just make sure to look for beer clubs that offer multiple selections each month so that you are able to explore a greater number of beers through the club.

Even if you are an experienced beer enthusiast, beer clubs are a wonderful way to explore the world of the unknown. Beer clubs make the trip into the unknown with you so that you don’t have to do it alone. When you truly explore beer, you will find that just when you think you’ve tried them all, you’ve only discovered how many more of them exist.

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