The Brewpub

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If you are in search of new and different beers, the brewpub is one of the best places to look. Most brewpubs provide food and entertainment that is as wonderful as the beers they serve and a brewpub is a great place to make a break from the traditional bar or nightclub. Whether you are a hardcore beer enthusiast or a novice, there is always something exciting to be found in the natural and inviting environment that a brew pub has to offer.

The brewpub is one of the oldest drinking and brewing locations throughout history. Long before the traditional macro-brewery made an entrance into the world, micro-brewers were the only suppliers of beer. Every town had its own brewery and tavern and the brewpub simply combined the two under a single roof.

Brewpubs are still predominant suppliers of beer throughout all of Europe in present day. Every town has its own hole in the wall that serves microbrew beers that are specific to that location and region. Many Europeans still swear by only drinking their beer on tap from their local brewpub, and in many ways, this practice has been keeping the age old beer traditions alive that were established when Celtic and Germanic tribes originally brought beer onto the continent.

During the early establishment of breweries throughout Europe, conquering tribes simply produced beer out of whatever ingredients were indigenous to the area they were settled in at that moment. Without the constant experimentation with new and different ingredients, new beers and styles would most likely have not been discovered or created. This could be why there are so many different styles and variations of styles of beer today.

Although the tradition of drinking our beer in brewpubs here in America is not quite as sacred of a practice as it is in Europe, brewpubs still hold a place in the heart of many beer enthusiasts. The environment; along with the new, different and fresh beer on tap are what make the brewpub experience so inviting and anyone who has not had the pleasure of the experience is at a loss. While some brewpubs are more modern and cater to the general public, there are also brewpubs that attract the members of beer clubs, ale clubs and more hardcore beer enthusiasts.

During your own personal pursuit of good beer, be sure that you check out your local brewpubs. You will find a whole new world of entertainment, good company and great beer that you simply cannot find anywhere else.

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