West Coast Beer Phenomenon

Posted by BeerMaven | Beer | Posted on March 10th

The west coast is home to a perfect environment for the cultivation of many different types of hops, both new and old. Therefore, it is no surprise to see the emergence of numerous new breweries in the west along with the followings that these breweries attract as part of the West Coast Beer Phenomenon. Each west coast micro-brewery offers its own unique style and brewing methods, making this region one of the more diverse beer regions in the world.

More predominant west coast brands include Sierra Nevada, Rogue and Anchor Brewing, but these breweries only represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to west coast beer. While every brewery is unique in its own way, the one thing all west coast beers have in common is the use of flavorful hops that impart floral and citrus notes to the beer. The west coast is a hophead’s paradise and west coast breweries have a knack for always providing balanced beers that never overpower.

Due to the dominance of hops in west coast beer culture, the west coast India Pale Ale is a favorite among certain beer clubs and has completely adapted the expectation some people have of the India Pale Ale. When compared to their east coast counterparts, the west coast India Pale Ales have a greater explosion of hop flavor while east coast brews are generally darker and have more body without the slap in the face that the west coast beers provide. This key difference is the main reason for the divide between west coast beer fanatics and those who prefer more traditional India Pale Ales.

While India Pale Ales are not the only unique beers to come out of the west coast, the west coast is most well-known for them. Sierra Nevada produces an exceptional American Pale Ale and Rogue Brewing is known for several wonderful ales. If you ever happen to travel to the west coast there is also a great number of private brew pubs that are sure to offer an assortment of new and unique beers.

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting the west coast, be sure to explore the extremely diverse beer culture that exists out there. Many beer of the month clubs feature west coast beers on a regular basis, and some of the more popular west coast beers have become available throughout the country, but nothing is quite the same as trying a beer in its natural environment.

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