For The Love of Beer: Drunk Guy Tries To Get More

Posted by BeerMaven | Best Beers | Posted on April 7th

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. In the case of the guy in the video, the not-so-tough guy tries to get going. Too bad he didn’t succeed.

It is said that perseverance is key to getting what is most desired. It is that which allows people to get to their destination despite troubles in the journey. If anything, the drunk guy can be considered as an epitome of perseverance. He may have been drunk, but his inebriated state was not a hindrance for him to get more beer. Determined to get another 6-pack, he went to the store, waddling and careening his way to get the brews. Unfortunately, he fell and was unable to get to the counter to pay for his beer. One thing’s for sure: he may not have arrived at his destination, but it was one heck of a journey for him (and those who have seen the video).

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