Official State Beers: Beer Map of the U.S.

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In the United States, some states have an official soft drink (Kool-Aid for Nebraska, Moxie for Maine) but there is yet to be an official state beer.  It is only a matter of time before each state will each have its own official state beer.  While the beer lovers in the United States wait for their respective states to officially choose its beer of choice, they should first celebrate the best and most popular brew in their own backyards.

Recently, someone decided to rewrite the map of America by illustrating the favorite beers of each state.  The geniuses behind this map chose one popular beer for each of the 50 states, specifically something that was brewed in that particular area.  Surely, making this map was an arduous undertaking.  Why wouldn’t it be, when there are many brands of beer enjoyed in one state? Take the case of Texas, for instance.  Remarkable Texas brews are aplenty: Independence, Real Ale, Saint Arnold and Southern Star, just to name a few.  So why was Shiner the top pick?  Shiner gets the crown as the number one beer from Texas because of its nationwide recognition.

Apparently, the group of people behind this ambitious project used different criteria in choosing which local beer becomes the ultimate favorite in every state.  For instance, Yuengling wins over Victory in Pennsylvania mainly because it has been in the consumer market longer; the former’s brewery was established in the 19th Century, while the latter’s was founded in the mid 1990s. 

Nonetheless, the biggest factor used in choosing each state’s “official beer” (or locally brewed favorite) is obviously popularity.  Budweiser and Miller are local brews from Missouri and Wisconsin respectively, but they are recognizable names to beer drinks all around the world.  This is the reason why they are crowned as their states’ official brew of choice.

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  1. Billy says:

    I lived in Texas for a couple years and visited the town Shiner is from. It’s a great beer!

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